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How to navigate in Clickealo?

We will teach you in a simple way how to use your avatar once you are inside. Remember that you must be from your computer or laptop and with a good internet connection.

The only thing you will use is your mouse and keyboard. If you look at the image above, we detail in pink the keys that you will use.

  • To move forward, you must hold down the letter W.

  • To move backwards, you must press the letter S.

  • To move sideways, use D- right and A- left.

Almost everything in Clickealo is "click it". To click or enter the object you must press the letter E and to return or cancel the letter C. You can also use the space bar to jump (JUMP).

You can use the arrow keys for movement or your mouse, and most importantly, to start chat you must press the letter I so that the avatar recognizes that you will be typing and you must stand in front of the avatar you wish to communicate with. Nothing you write will be saved.

Try and practice! You will soon become an expert navigating the metaverse.

Have a good time and come back soon,

Kiki Bot

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