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Clickéalo Mall

We create the best in interactive shopping experience by creating a Mall that changes the way people shop. 

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Online shoppers will now have a new way to shop in a fun, different and immersive way. Upon entering our Mall, you will be able to visit the online stores, see their products and buy while you are entertained. 

At this time, you can access from your computer or laptop with high speed internet.

You will also be able to interact and see other products on display, see offers from advertisers or just spend some time observing and consuming time. Yeah! Time. The more time you spend inside the Mall, your avatar will earn the"Clickealo Coins"that you can exchange in the "Clickéalo Store" store inside the mall. 

Dare yourself! and live the new experience in Virtual Commerce.


We offer you


Spend time browsing or shopping, either alone or with others. Try to earn the most points while you are inside the Mall. 


Enjoy the new shopping experience in virtual commerce. Visit each of the participating stores, enter, interact with the products and shop at the establishment. 


You will be part of a new virtual community of consumers using new technologies and being part of the change for the next generations. 

Meet the team


For Online Stores

Be part of our stores!

If you have an online store and want to be part of Clickéalo's affiliated stores, you just have to subscribe to any of our memberships and you will be part of our multiplatform Mall. 

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I am extremely grateful and pleased for all the information and service that Mildred and her team constantly give us. From day 1 that I saw “clickealopr” I believed in the project and we will be here to continue supporting them. I think it's a great idea and I'm sure it will take a big step in this Metaverse that comes into our lives. Don't stay behind and join us!

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